The Invisible Hand (edition of 12)

Satoshi Prepares for Record Breaking Highs

Dimensions: 12inch/30.6cm diameter wide and 1.8inch/4.7cm deep

Materials: Repurposed vinyl records, high density fibre board, acrylic paint, neon paint

Price: £369 (+£20 postage & packaging) payable in BTC

The Story…

Humble Satoshi had finished tending his land and took a few moments to enjoy the view of his creation… in the distance he saw the new range of a metropolis cityscape emerging

Bitcoin had started to enter fully into the consciousnesses of the masses and was beginning to be acknowledged by the all consuming city slickers

It was then the news of a pandemic really hit and the market took a tumble…

All markets round the world took a predictable nose dive… even bitcoin whose price movements seemed ambivalent to traditional markets got smacked down by the oh so very weak hands of the greedy get rich quick herd

Satoshi raised his staff and aligned it with the will of the people, the hash power and the trust, and guided it towards transactions

It didn’t to last long… laughing at the feeble fingers of the spineless greedy, the bulls began to charge, the cyberhornets and honey badgers momentarily stopped drinking on the cherry blossom and headed straight onto the action… the alpacas put on their best socks… and the hodlr’s of last resort did what they did best…


…apart from eating a few more tacos, opening a few more beers and flamboyantly stuffing more pop corn in their faces than usual… for they indeed, loved this shit

Within a month normal the NgU factor had returned to normal

Explanation of Elements

The purpose of this piece was to bring the Satoshi Series/Story up to date, move the mountain range along a bit and I wanted to highlight a significant moment in history that highlighted the true Free Market nature of bitcoin

The 2017 peak provided great detail, but time has moved on significantly… The mountain range (bitcoin price) now spans 15th July 2019 – 28th September 2020

Just in front of it, in silhouette black, you will see the Transaction graph over the same period…

The Invisible Hand - laser cut bitcoin art 10

We’ve all heard of the “Invisible Hand” of the market as described by Adam Smith (The Theory of Modern Sentiments 1759)… mainstream economists say this happens today… but in truth in Keynesian economics this is usually the government getting involved…

However, we saw it here in the free market of bitcoin

If you align yourself directly to the centre of the piece you will see Satoshi’s “Invisible Hand” doing it’s thing

The Invisible Hand - laser cut bitcoin art 01

If you believe “We are all Satoshi” then you can see the free market here at play… good people, the bulls, honey badgers, alpacas, cyberhornets, you and I, acting in our own self interest but with a common belief, turned a manufactured situation of the weak and greedy into something that will continue to benefit us all

I love the idea of redefining what a picture frame should be… a part of the piece itself… in this case I used vinyl records as a play with the metaphor of “Record Breaking All Time Highs”

On the reverse side I reused the inner sections of vinyl to act as the hanging system for a simple screw in the wall

Each piece has an NFC tag embedded and will be connected to a Certificate of Authenticity (certificate of existence) provided by Scare.City

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it