The parties just getting started

A Prototype – a 1-off… I will not be making anymore simply because I have too many ideas I want to crack on with

Dimensions: 58cm diameter wide, 25cm high and 8cm deep

Materials: Oak veneer and acrylic paint

Price: To be auctioned at Bitcoin Conference Miami 2021 by Scarce.City

The Story…

The Party Is Just Getting Started

The mountain range is the bitcoin price for the last 12 months… before it plummeted into the ocean

Satoshi laughs his head of as the fish, the dolphins and the whales playfully rejoice in the moment

I had the idea for this on the 19th May as the price fell off a cliff following the shenanigans of a massively misinformed PR seeking rocket scientist and the latest threat of a ban from China

For many of us who have been in Bitcoin for a while we are used to seeing price corrections like this, and despite our rock solid belief and understanding, there has always been a little moment of tension, a pause for concern

This time however it was palpably different

I’ve never seen bitcoin twitter more jubilant… it was hilarious… I like to think Satoshi was laughing with us

I designed the frame to look like a rearview mirror because hindsight is a wonderful thing

I think it’s only after you have experienced these kind of corrections a few times and you’ve studied bitcoin a bit more to understand what it is you’ve got involved in, can you relax and enjoy moments like this