Mana from Heaven

Just 4 made

Dimensions: 50cm high, 25cm wide and 0.5-1cm deep

Materials: Mana and Slate

Price: No.1 is to be auctioned at Bitcoin Conference Miami 2021 by Scarce.City

Human value is sacred

Bitcoin for me is the last bastion of humanity it could not have come at a more important time

As we surge forward into the digital age, power structures within our society are becoming increasingly centralised to a frightening degree

We are on the precipice of a total dystopic reality… now is the time for Bitcoin… it is literally heaven sent

In the top half is the genesis block… In the bottom half is Satoshi’s PGP key

This piece was inspired by The Emerald Tabet, another mysterious gift that was also said to contain the secrets of the universe

Sacred Hope

With hope on the horizon Satoshi wanders through the Sacred Torii gate of human value.

Price ??? – payable in bitcoin

Dimensions – 9cm high 18 cm wide and 0.5-1cm deep

Laser engraved natural stone with a layered oak veneer base… finished with Jacobean oak wood stain and bees wax.

I wanted to play with the natural colouring of this rock… the top half was a blue and the bottom red… made me think immediately of a landscape scene.

In this piece I wanted to cast our humble friend Satoshi heading off for his daily meditation.