psychedelic satoshi

Psychedelics were around millennia before Albert Hofmann descovered LSD in the 60’s… indeed Terrance McKenna put forward a comprehensive theory that the “Stoned Ape” could explain why the brain size of Homo Erectus doubled in size 700,000 years ago

Today many people swear by the benefits of lsd and micro-dosing, indeed it’s a well recorded trait amongst many silicone valley tech startups

In this series I wish to expand on the fact that bitcoin is a mind expanding experience for many of us… economically, intellectually, philosophically even spiritually bitcoin has evolved many of us in a similar fashion as homo erectus… as Marty Bent said:

Bitcoin will change us more than we will change it.

Marty Bent –

Infinite Potential

This first piece in the series has its roots in an animation by Knut Svanholm titled “Bitcoin: Everything there is, divided by 21 million”

This powerful statement meme’d on twitter and became “infinity divided by 21”

The first thing I thought of when I read the words, infinity divided by 21, was the quantum physics double slit experiment… if you don’t know what that is, watch this short video explaining it

One might think that anything is possible until we deliberately observe it and imprint life with our prejudices and expectations… in other words we are shaping life with our own thoughts and ideas

So the question now becomes, what happens to human potential when it is not under permanent observation by state surveillance and the store of human value is owned and controlled by the human and not the state?

Price ????

Dimensions: 27 cm high on right side X 43 cm wide X 3.5 cm deep

Laser cut oak veneer, acrylic pouring, wood stain and bees wax