Relentless Optimism

collaboration by Chiefmonkey &

Scorched but unscathed

With a final beat of its wings the phoenix pulled away from the burning embers of the fiat monetary system

Though it had been a long and painful battle, the victory was inevitable… it had been encoded from the genesis

Worlds First Live Auction on the Lighting Network

Dimensions: 70cm high X 65cm wide and 2.5cm deep – weight 2.72kg

Materials: Oak Veneer top, Italian Smalti glass, high density fibre board, Beeswax, wood oil, 22 carat gold leaf

Price: Was auctioned for 100,000,000 BTC on Scarce.City

SHA-256 Hash: 7460ad714932c10e10f01fee3d413ad5f9ebbe7a971fca1cb2ba44fdae9b50b6

Music by Deodato Creative Commons


The trigger for this piece was the famous cover of The Economist magazine 9th January 1988


The oak veneer received several coats of oil and beeswax rubbed into it to bring out the grain and to also help in the aged look.

The bitcoin is coated in 22 carat gold leaf… we wanted a battle hardened look so rubbed in wax and wood stain.

Once the layers had been glued together took her trusty nippers and cut each piece of translucent smalti into tiny blocks of the desired shape and size then started piecing them together like a jigsaw.

Once she had finished her magic I then took a flame torch to it and gave the whole piece a touch of life with fire, singeing the tips of the feathers and the gold leaf of the bitcoin.

The Name

I wish to give credit for the name of this piece to The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft in Bristol. Stokes Croft is my favourite part of Bristol and incidentally the area Banksy first visualised his voice.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it

Chiefmonkey &