Divine Calling

Breaking the Matrix

Satoshi & The Maximalist

2 pieces of laser cut
bitcoin art sculpture

Dimensions: Both pieces are 42cm wide, 69cm high and 7cm deep… they weigh approx – weight 3kg

Materials: Birch Veneer top, cedar ply internal layers, birch back, Beeswax, wood oil, acrylic paint, varnish.

Price: These will be sold separately at auction at Bitcoin Conference Miami 2022 through Scarce.City

If you have the knowledge and skills to change the world for the better, you also have the responsibility


The story

Something happened in the universal consciousness of humankind that climaxed in the brain of Satoshi and delivered this divine gift, at the most pivotal point in human history

Bitcoin takes the manipulation of human value from the control of the corruptible state and puts it into the hands of you and I the people

We have a choice:

Technocratic Totalitarian Dystopia, or a Renaissance

This is the moment when it hits you

The moment when you realise the significance

The moment you realise the importance of bitcoin

The moment you realise Bitcoin will bring an end to tyranny… forever

The moment when you realise that what you do makes a difference

The moment you become a maximalist

The moment you know there’s no turning back

The moment you know you don’t have to

Thats the moment you break free of the fiat matrix

The 2 perspectives

Divine Calling is made up of 2 perspectives… the first is The Satoshi and The Maximalist

The Satoshi

The moment the universal consciousness entered Satoshi, filling him with the purest orange intelligence… this was our divine intervention, it came from us

This is the moment when everything converged, when he stood on the shoulders of giants that came before him, the knowledge of the cypherpunks, the previous attempts at digital money, the economics, and the decentralisation of record, space and time

The orange light filled him up as he became the first metaphoric pill

The design

The pattern you see is an extended version of the flower of life… the flower of life is only ever made up of 19 circles, but here I am using it to represent the man made matrix… the increasingly fake reality that is being created around us

The Maximalist

The moment when the penny really drops with any regular pleb… it’s when you realise that you have in your possession something that is more than than stocks’n’shares, more than a digital asset, more than money

It’s the moment you realise the stark contrast between what you were once told you must have, to what you now can chose to have.

You have been consumed by the orange pill passed on by Satoshi… it is now your responsibility to pass it on to others… this is your Divine Calling

The design

The full orange pill is now evident… the universal conscious bolts are representative of digital gold and silver