(Just 5 pieces made now SOLDOUT)

“Honesty. The best of all the lost arts.”

Mark Twain

“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones”

John Lennon

“the truth will set you free”

John (8:32)
(Some holy dude… I’m more spiritual)

42cm wide X 48cm high X 6cm deep

Cost £400

Maximum 5 will be made – only 1 remaining

I hope this piece speaks for itself… it’s to promote and support any and all whistle blowers the world over.

Whistle blowing is not a crime… the ironic truth is, if you blow the whistle on the wrong people it is.

Whistle blowers are the strongest and most brave of all humanitarians… and yet through our apathy we have let our mainstream media propaganda brainwash us to believe these people are criminals, rapists, or terrorists.

It requires breaking through the cognitive dissonance and to think for oneself to see the truth.

Lots more coming soon

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