Omnipotence No Difference

Bitcoin is the ultimate expression of free speech

Just 5 pieces created now SOLD OUT
And one unique collaboration version auctioned and sold

“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.”

Malcolm X

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

Milton Friedman

50 cm X 50 cm X 7 cm deep

Cost £800… payable in bitcoin

Unique 1-off Collaboration

This was a collaboration between myself and

It was auctioned and sold successfully on Superrare. So I made the original piece and then worked her magic on the rainbow with Italian smalti, millefiori and glass beads.


Bitcoin is omnipotence it knows no difference

It has no boundaries

It has no prejudice

It protects privacy

It enables self sovereignty

It’s the last bastion of humanity

This piece is about the equality of bitcoin and the human spirit

Within all of us there is unbound potential and creative spirit, this is unique and completely owned privately to us… our voice and our actions are a projection of this… this is why privacy is the foundation of free speech

Regardless of what we look like from the outside we are all the same within

For the first time in history people have both the will and now the tools for building systems that by default act for the whole and not the powerful few

Bitcoin allows for the creation of systems that can realise the full human potential, fairly and without oversight and without prejudice

The establishment have leveraged a global pandemic as an opportunity to drive fear into people thus enabling greater invasion of privacy, tighter controls over censorship and therefore further attacks on the freedom of speech

The vast majority of people, people with a modicum of intelligence, let’s say 99.99%, really couldn’t give a shit how different you are to them… it’s what makes people interesting… we all have colour inside us and we create the world from our thoughts, our speech and our actions

There is no division amongst people… that kind of large scale division is always created by the state… always

Whilst you’re being distracted by that marvellous game show of 2 party polar politics, or race issues… the heavy handed state run police forces are growing in power… and the politicians are pushing for greater censorship and tighter controls on privacy

The Romans’ had a saying “Divide and conquer “… this isn’t just a historic quote… it’s an offensive strategy that still rings true today

Be careful what you believe in the mainstream media

Our thoughts become things

The elements explained

The pattern inside the head is the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is part of Sacred Geometry and has been used throughout history in many religions but goes much further back to the oldest spiritual teachings

Aparently Leonardo Da Vinci studied it seriously

There’s a good explanation of it here and here (not affiliated, just decent explainations)

I chose a beautiful black woman because I’m an ugly white man… so kind of opposites… she also had a fantastic afro… the only hairstyle possibly powerful enough to truly contain the universe

The rainbow represents colour and creation of life

Influences and a HUGE thank you

I have longed to create a rainbow mouth… one of the first I saw, many years ago was a psychadelic poster from the 60’s… sadly I can not find that picture today

However thanks to meme culture we’ve not been short of the classic rainbow puking material…

However not many years ago I saw my most memorable “Rainbow Mouth” by artist Clinton Kirkpatrick

Please do read his very short but beautiful story of Rainbow Mouth:

Biggest Thanks

However, there is one particular artist I must thank that triggered me to make my own… and thats…

Jahleel Dowdy…

It was this particular piece I saw and immediately wanted to do my own interpretation of rainbow mouth… it’s a stunning piece of work… dark, vibrant and clever… I bought the NFT and despite generous offers since, I haven’t been able to part with it.

Please do check out Jahleel’s work and follow him on Twitter:

Jahleel, thank you.

Lots more coming soon

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