I wish there was a Blockchain based decentralised makers network

I’d love to see and other laser and 3d printer manufacturers  support an open source makers ecommerce network built on blockchain…
E.G. If someone created products that became popular, they would be incapable of fulfilling the work and building stuff quick enough on their on… it would be good if they could distribute the work to other laser cutter 3D printer owners such as Glowforge so that people can buy from their website but get it created by the nearest maker and both parties would share in the profits.
Just a thought… this would be best done on something like EOS or Ethereum… if you’re a manufacturer of these amazing maker machines and don’t have this initiative then someone else will… I’d be happy to chat to anyone in your company about this
I just happen to know a few people who could do this ;o)

By chiefmonkey

An 80's Atari kid who witnessed the explosive growth of the internet through a screaming 56k modem... witnessed several manufactured economic boom bust cycles and the birth of bitcoin... a humanitarian, anti-fractional reserve banking... in crypto I trust

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