Laser Cut Bitcoin Art

I’d rather live in a dangerous world than unwittingly die in a prison

Chiefmonkey Laser Cutter Crypto Artist

My passion for a fair and open society drives me to promote bitcoin and decentralised technology…

I create laser cut bitcoin art and gifts for the global community of cypherpunks, hodlrs, truth seekers, bitcoin art lovers and cyberpunk freaks…

Everything on this site is available for bitcoin… if you would like to be the first notified of my new work please join my substack ;o)

New Creations

The latest releases of work

The Invisible Hand – Satoshi Prepares for Record Breaking Highs

Just 12 pieces made 6 available

The Invisible Hand - laser cut bitcoin art 01

You can view close up pics and the explanation of the elemenets here

Omnipotence No Difference

SOLD OUT – Just 5 pieces made
1 unique collaboration also sold

Omnipotence No Difference - crypto art

Video, close ups and explanation here


5 pieces made – just 2 remaining

Video, close ups and explanation here

Fuck The Fucking Fuckers

10 pieces made – SOLD OUT

Fuck The Fucking Fuckers

More pics, close ups and explanation here

To enquire about any of my work, please use the contact details below…